Vincent Zito

Creative Director

Word Slinger

For 20+ years at Tanen Directed, Vincent has led the creative charge on hundreds (or thousands? we’ve lost count) of successful marketing and advertising efforts.

His insightful strategic mind, whip-smart intellect and unerring creative talent has helped some of the world’s leading companies achieve successful results, including Mastercard, Citi, Quicken Loans, PepsiCo, Pitney Bowes and many more.

Vincent applies the same intensity and heartfelt concern for every client he works for – whether it’s getting more kids to visit the white alligator at a local Maritime Aquarium or helping out hard-working Bahamians with a personal loan from their local bank.

An expert in Direct Marketing Best Practices, Vincent would love to discuss whether the button on your Facebook ad should say “Sign Up” or “Learn More,” or any other scientific tidbits of response rate improvement you might be wondering about.

Vincent is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. Ask him about a creative piece developed by the agency, and he will discuss the rationale and intention point-by-point that is embodied in the work. Ask him about himself, and he will be out of the room.

Outside the agency – yes, he occasionally leaves – Vincent is an avid trail runner who loves a challenge. Steep mountains? Bring ‘em on. He’s run 50-mile races (proof that he’s crazy), directed his own 5K, become a certified running coach and finished a marathon on a broken big toe.

And oh, he’s written The Return Man, an internationally published horror-genre novel. Not some self-published vanity project, but wanted and produced by the same publishing house as Stephen King.

So what’s next? Add your project to his accomplishments!